Conscious Wellbeing

Reconnect To Wholeness

Reiki is a significantly beneficial holistic therapy increasing in popularity as we find ourselves more overwhelmed than ever by the stresses and strains of the modern world and its expectations.  There has never been a more apt time and need for deeper self-care than now, with more people turning to complementary therapies to help alleviate and heal such symptoms as chronic pain, anxiety and trauma.  With a desire to reduce stress levels and a longing for peace, rejuvenation and balance in our lives, we are becoming increasingly aware through experience, of the need to consider all parts of our being; the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels to bring our bodies back into wholeness and wellbeing.

  Hi there!  I’m a qualified and insured Reiki Master Practitioner.  I provide one to one treatments in Oxfordshire in the very calm and relaxed setting of the Wantage Natural Therapy Centre or I can travel to you.  Either location allows for the treatment to take place in person, where you have the choice of a hands-on/hands-off approach.  I also provide Remote (Distant) Reiki treatments which can be given anywhere in the world and at any time; the treatments are extremely popular, just as effective and really do work!  Each experience is very personal and a wonderful reflection of Reiki’s diverse healing power.  Please feel free to contact me below if you have any questions or concerns, I’m always more than happy to help and advise.


Relaxation - Rejuvenation - Balance

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