I am Jeni, I am a thinker and a hope seeker; seeking everything that equates to learning and understanding about personal freedom, true happiness, and fulfilment.  

I am a truth inquirer noting the authentic: the perfectly coordinated and harmonious nature of our innate human ‘being’ ness; with the awareness that we are not broken, flawed and unfinished, but rather already a completely whole person. 

Derived from a passion for continuous growth and expansion in how to live and feel better, I am a pathfinder curiously exploring anything related to Self-Development, Philosophy, Psychology and Spirituality. I am an adventurist spirit devoted to the transformation process of deep-rooted change and dedicated to helping others witness their own resistance to renewal, so that they may evolve in ways that are congruent with their personal truth, desires and dreams. 



As a young, highly sensitive child I was able to feel others hidden pain and emotion, absorbing the heavy, weight of negativity around me. Having no understanding at the time of why I felt so bad and being unable to express these feelings, they built up creating a deep blockage that was to repeatedly play out in my external world through reoccurring burnout.

This repressed trauma crying out to be heard, first made itself known at the age of eighteen when I was to encounter a Near Death Experience accompanied by a profound message that was to forever change how I saw my relationship with myself, and the world around me. It started a journey, embarking on years of curious self-inquiry and healing as I was simultaneously being called back by my innate wisdom, to a ‘place’ of unconditional love. 

As I travelled somewhat further along my path, I came to study and self-practice Reiki; taking me even deeper within to repair what was wounded.  As I healed the emotional layering of my being; calming the nervous system, so too, dissolved the physical manifestations of my ailments from the release of what I'd been holding onto so tightly for many years.  The once stagnant energy that was keeping me 'stuck' was now able to flow unrestrained, and with its opening brought a new lightness to body and mind.  As these shifts in consciousness awakened what was sleeping, I began to see more clearly the part that had never left, but that had merely been covered up by the suppressed darkness, simply casting a shadow on the infinite light of our innate wellbeing.

These shape-defining years have brought my gift as an empathic and intuitive healer to the forefront of my life, where I now help others. There is nothing more rewarding than being a vessel for another person's healing and spiritual transformation; to really be able to make a difference as we all navigate through this wonderful journey called 'life' together.   

As part of my quest to live a healthy and more balanced life, I have followed and practised yoga for over 25yrs. I have come to see the importance of keeping our systems clear, our minds light and our hearts open…and on that note, I welcome you with an open heart and mind, to a place of love and surrender to...someplace free. 


“...and what is it but fragments of your own self you would discard that you may become free”. Kahlil Gibran 




Reiki Academy London, SW13 9HE

Usui System of Reiki in both traditions: Spiritual Energy Method (Japanese lineage) & the Natural Healing System (Western lineage)

  • 2015 First Degree (Shoden level)

  • 2016 Second Degree (Okuden level)

  • 2020 Reiki Master/Teacher (Shinpiden level)




  • Professional Reiki Master: qualified and certified practitioner registered with the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC)

  • Verified as a Reiki Practitioner by The UK Reiki Federation (UKRF)

  • Master Practitioner member of the Reiki Academy London

  • Voluntary Practitioner for Reiki Medic-Care Charity: a service offering dedicated distant Reiki treatments for NHS front line nurses, doctors and paramedics

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"You have an incredible intuitive sense which has helped me a great deal."

The Peaceful Runner

"Jeni is a professional and put me at ease."

General Manager

"What a deep sense of relaxation, absolutely love my Reiki sessions with Jeni."

Sales Director

"Jeni is a warm and welcoming healer."

Self Employed