Reiki provides a safe platform for healing and an opportunity to create space in our lives for wellness.   Listening and responding to our need for ‘pause’, honours our optimum state for rehabilitation as it powerfully reminds us of our true value, essential goodness and wholeness.  Too much stimulation in life can cause over-arousal and if our fight, flight and freeze responses continue to be triggered from such overwhelm it can result in chronic stress and burnout from being out of balance. This build-up of negative emotion and congested energy in the nervous system: trauma, can further manifest into debilitating ailments, long term illnesses and disease. 

Reiki gently puts us back into a state of relaxation and gets blocked energy moving once again.  Its soothing ability calms and restores; repairing the nerves, meridian paths and spiritual energy centres (Chakras) within.  When we become still and reharmonized in this way, our body not only heals but our mind has the capacity for 'clear thinking'.  We feel back in the driving seat of our life; trusting ourselves, respecting our own intuition and having the courage to take steps for change.  This mutual respect for ‘self’, helps to cultivate strength of character and forms self-reliant resilience.  Not only does Reiki work on the physical level, but its holistic ability to work on the mental, emotional and spiritual simultaneously, really sets it aside from other therapies.  It gets to the root, rebalances, heals and builds stability; simply by reconnecting us back to our innate well-being that is ‘Wholeness’. 



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Peace, Harmony & Balance

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Deep Relaxation & Restoration

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Healing for the MInd, Body & Spirit


THE PHYSICAL: Chronic/Physical Pain e.g., Backache, Migraines; Injury; Physical Disabilities e.g., Arthritis, Cystic Fibrosis, Epilepsy, Fibromyalgia, Rheumatism. 

THE MENTAL: Addictions; Phobias; Psychological Disorders e.g., ADHD, Anxiety, Eating, Extreme Stress, Insomnia, OCD, Trauma. 

THE EMOTIONAL: Burnout; Extreme Emotion & Overwhelm; Hormonal Imbalances (Peri/Menopause); Mood Disorders e.g., Bipolar, Depression, Eating, Panic Attacks, Personality.  

THE SPIRITUAL: Ascension, Awareness, Clarity, Communication, Creativity, Grounding, Growth, Intuition, Personal Power, Relationships, Self Love, Wisdom.


Reiki In Person: The client lies down on a massage couch with their eyes closed.  The practitioner gently lays their hands on or slightly above the client’s fully clothed body in a sequence of pre-set hand placements, or by selecting areas intuitively.  Reiki flows through the hands of the practitioner and the client may feel heat as well as other sensations.  Generally, the overall experience of the session is found to be one of calm and relaxation.  

Remote (Distant) Reiki: The practitioner will initiate a session through a phone call or by text message, or it may be held using video link such as Zoom or Skype; the choice is yours! The client positions themself comfortably in a suitable space for the duration of the treatment, preferably lying down somewhere quiet so as not to be disturbed.  The practitioner sends Remote Reiki at the agreed time and 10 minutes after the treatment a follow-up call is given. The client may experience exactly the same feelings as to that of having Reiki ‘In Person. 


The long and the short answer to this is, as many as you feel is right for you!  Although I would say that there is absolutely nothing to be lost and all to be gained in choosing to have regular Reiki treatments; it is significantly known to reduce stress and anxiety and also ensures to help maintain holistic balance. 

Having a Reiki treatment weekly or even fortnightly can most definitely benefit your overall mental health and wellbeing, acting as a preventative to negative energy building up in your system. When blocked energy is not addressed and attended to healthily, it will look for an alternative outlet.  Just as we need air to breathe, ‘energy’ needs to move freely for its own survival, and so it will destructively take up residence in the body, establishing itself through chronic pain and serious illnesses over time. By simply having regular treatments the cleansing process is assured and natural flow is established once again, bringing us back into alignment; conducive for optimum self-healing.  

When core issues call for release; such as deep routed trauma, or for when an emotional or spiritual shift is needed; in my experience usually a minimum of 4/5 consecutive Reiki treatments are required.  This more often than not creates a timely and secure space for release, for opening up and for ‘settling in’, to a new and freer way of being. 

Please be aware that this is a guide only, as each case is individual and is always treated so.  I warmly invite you to contact me in complete confidence if you wish to discuss what may be best for you.


A Therapy 

Reiki is a holistic therapy: a treatment for the whole body that respects and supports the intimate play and connection around the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual elements of our being.  It manages to treat the underlying issue to a problem or illness; rather than just the symptoms to help prevent ongoing occurrences.  It is a non-harmful, trusted complementary therapy; safe to be used on pregnant women, children, cancer patients and even animals.

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An Energy 

 We are energetic beings and Reiki is that 'life force' energy that resides all around and inside each and every one of us.  Energy is fluid and needs to flow freely for optimum healing to take place.  When energy gets stuck, we too can feel 'stuck'.  It can manifest itself in all kinds of conditions and pains, affecting all levels of our well-being.  Reiki can remove these energy blocks and patterns within our nervous system by moving the energy in our body; bringing us back into natural flow and equilibrium.


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 A Science 

The practice of Reiki has a scientific concept as it works on the quantum level. This energy vibrates so slowly to the human eye that it seems to be motionless, yet in this state of form for example like a chair (where stationary objects are seen to be still), it is actually concocted of moving molecules. This energy in motion is made up of atoms broken up into electrons and protons, to form part of a central nucleus, which then breaks down even further into quantum particles.  On this level, regardless of speed and frequency, the energy is indistinguishable; no longer independent, but instead the same and completely connected.  In such radically small realms, these particles become ‘Entangled’ and can instantaneously exchange in formation.  This phenomenon referred to by Einstein as ‘Spooky Action at a Distance’ is effectively where one particle can know something about another, enabling each other to communicate spontaneously, even if separated over an infinite distance.

 A Personal Healing Tool 

Reiki is a system and a tool devised for our own personal healing.  It is a journey to opening up and a path to higher awareness.  It can be learned by anyone and is accessed by having an attunement passed down from a lineage of Reiki Masters.  It is not a religion or a cult and only ever does good as it operates from the highest vibrational frequency’s, akin to pure love.  Having a Reiki treatment or giving yourself Reiki activates the body's natural, innate self-healing response.  The Reiki Master/Practitioner is someone who can connect directly with this universal source energy and is simply a channel for this loving and healing process.

A Spirituality 

Reiki doesn't just work on the physical level but also has a spiritual connotation.  Reiki can set in motion synchronicities: It has the ability to 'change' our attitude towards how we see and experience our world, creating improvement and transforming our lives; bringing about a much deeper meaning to our whole purpose and existence. 

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A Growing Practice

Reiki has organizations and governing bodies in place to protect the public, ensuring that only qualified and insured professionals that are bound by the highest working and training standards of conduct, can be listed as Practitioners on their registrar.  Reiki is also recognized for it's healing benefits by the NHS and is being used in hospital settings, hospices and care homes.  It's growing popularity now sees it adopted in the world of business too, as we find cooperate institutions hiring Reiki Practitioners to help support their employees rebalance and manage their stress levels better in the workplace.


  • Relaxation: a deep sense of inner calm and peace. 
  • Connection: human comfort, warmth, safety, oneness/love. 
  • Sensations: heat/cold in areas where hands are near to or placed. 
  • Visual Energy: seeing colours, shapes, moving images, signs & symbols. 
  • Receiving Messages: ideas & solutions. 
  • A Release from Emotional Tension: coughing, crying.  
  • Buried memories arising and set free. 
  • Feeling a Presence: a spiritual guide, angelic being or a deceased relative.  
  • Energetic Shifts in the Body: tingling, slight numbness, heaviness, pain. 
  • Drifting Off: meditative peaceful state, smiling and happy, weightlessness, an outer body feeling, floating sensation; body jolting.  
  • Falling Asleep Completely: A natural healing state for the body (absolutely fine & welcome). 
  • ‘Nothing’: generally, when not open to the experience of Reiki, that said healing is still being implemented and is still at work.  


  • Relaxed, peaceful, calm, centred. 
  • Happy, in control, inspired, energised.
  • A general feeling of wellbeing. 
  • Emotional: Emotion once buried deep within, such as sadness and anger now feels safe to be released and healed; long-forgotten memories surfacing. 
  • ‘Shift’ Occurs: known as a ‘Healing Crisis’ whereby the symptoms or pain intensifies before it improves. This is generally short-lived; no longer than a day. 
  •  A Little ‘Strange or Floaty’: drink water & take time out for yourself in the fresh air/in nature.   
  • Change: may not be immediate, but noticeable within a day or two. 


Reiki is of Japanese origin and was developed and practiced by the son of a Samurai family, Mikao Usui in the early 1900s.  It came about following an extremely depressive and challenging time in his life when he experienced bankruptcy from the breakdown of his unsuccessful business.  This time of adversity prompted Makao to start to reflect, and so began a quest for a deeper understanding of his identity and his purpose in the world. 

Mikao’s calling for spiritual development led him to join a Zen monastery, but after three long years the answers he was seeking to feel with his heart, still hadn’t come.  Feeling even more discouraged and a failure once again, he spoke to his abbot, who advised that he must journey to the mountains to embark on an extreme regime of meditation and fasting.  Here he would experience the possibility of death (of the ego); what lies beyond the so-called essentials of life’s materialistic world and beneath his self-identified attachment to the physical body.  

Mikao's journey did indeed take him to the 'edge of death', where he came to experience a beautiful piercing light and the pure bliss state of peace and ‘being’: enlightenment.  In this instant, all illusion of form dropped away; ceasing to exist, and Mikao felt a sense of connection and ‘Oneness’ with the whole Universe - he had finally found everything he had been looking for.  

His work on the mountain was now done, or so he thought, but then on travelling back down he caught his foot on a root and ripped off his toenail.  Being in excruciating pain Mikao lent down and automatically placed his hands around the injury.  Miraculously to him, he was now experiencing healing powers from his enlightenment and the wound began to repair.  As he progressed some further down the mountain, he decided to stop off for some refreshments at an inn.  There, the innkeeper’s daughter was experiencing an agonising tooth infection.  Eager to help her from the pain, Mikao asked her father for permission to assist the girl; he happily agreed, and so once again he lay his hands around the traumatised area and the pain and swelling remarkably disappeared. 

From that day forth, Mikao Usui was a Reiki Healer.  This connection to his innate healing ability meant that he could powerfully correct the mind and body to be whole, once again.  Mikao had a strong desire to reach out and help as many people as possible, and this soon became a reality when after much experimentation he came across an attunement technique.  This meant that he was able to transfer his healing powers to everyday people so that they too, could develop healing hands.  And so, from love, and pure devotion, the transformative System of Reiki was born. 

REIKI – REI(Spiritual) KI(Energy)